Runnymede Magna Carta Murals day 3 and 4

“Freezing cold” is how I would have described myself by the end of Friday evening. But pretty chuffed to have pushed through and got the first mural completed. Or almost…for those paying attention, there are 18 shields on the wall, representing not quite all of the 25 Magna Carta barons, and the remaining 7 are due to go elsewhere on the building, which I’m hoping to do next week.

In order to get the lettering on the wall, I use the old-fashioned technique of drawing onto tracing paper (or in this case baking paper, as that’s what I had readily available) and then tracing through the back, holding the paper against the wall and tracing back over the lines, to leave the ‘ghost’ of the letters on the wall. Simple but very effective. However, when the wind is blowing strongly and you’re teetering at the top of a ladder, trying to blue tack baking paper to the wall is possibly one of the most infuriating exercises ever! I got there though, without having to chase escaped sheets of baking paper along the river…

So, I just need a big enough window in the weather to get those remaining shields on the wall and then varnish, and mural number one is all done! Pictures of progress at the end of days 3 and 4 are below.