From Nursery Mural to Bedroom Mural

It is a privilege to be invited into someone’s home to paint a nursery mural for them. I try never to take this for granted. Every project is exciting for its own reasons. However, painting a mural when someone is expecting their first child is always especially lovely. So, when almost 2 years after painting little Oscar’s nursery, I was asked to paint a mural for his new big boy bedroom, as he has a new baby brother on the way, I felt very lucky. I also added to the nursery mural I painted originally.

Original And New Projects

For the original nursery mural, I painted a pale blue cloudy sky, and hot air balloons. As a main feature I painted an old-fashioned teddy bear in the main balloon. I also added bunting, with Oscar’s name written on it.

While I used the same sky blue and old-fashioned teddy bear theme for the bedroom mural, this time I painted vintage airplanes. I have used sky writing to feature his name on the wall.

I used a palette of red, blue and yellow for the planes, because these colours are suitable for a boy’s bedroom, but still nice and bright and cheerful. The teddy bear in the plane is giving Oscar a little wave as he flies by! I hope Oscar enjoys his new bedroom, and being a big brother!